National Nuclear Laboratory moves to UNIT4 HR system

The UK's National Nuclear Laboratory (NNL) has ripped out its PeopleSoft human resources system in favour of a more efficient integrated platform.


The UK's National Nuclear Laboratory (NNL) is implementing a human resources system from UNIT4.

NNL is moving off its current PeopleSoft system, and plans to integrate the new UNIT4 software with its existing Agresso ERP platform.

NNL said it wanted to integrate its core business solutions, further improve the quality of information about its performance both financially and operationally, and reduce its reliance on paper-based systems.

The body was formed in 2008 and provides support in nuclear science, waste and residue management, plant process support, modelling and simulation, environmental management, and homeland security.

It has undertaken a large restructuring recently and streamlined its operations into three business areas. As part of this process NNL came to the conclusion that reporting was "proving a challenge" with users finding it "increasingly difficult" to generate the data needed, in a timely and consistent manner.

Nigel Tinker, implementation project manager at NNL, said he "had the confidence that the integration between HR and finance would be seamless and require minimal, if any, manual intervention".

He said having one set of data would boost efficiency and accuracy through improved workflow functionality and alerts.

Because of the nature of NNL's work personnel have to hold valid security clearance certificates and these certificates come with an expiry date. One benefit of UNIT4 HR, said NNL, is that the organisation can schedule alerts to notify managers when the certificates are due for renewal, and that paperwork is up to date to meet compliance requirements.

In other nuclear facilities news, earlier this month almost 100 computer experts from 16 European countries and the US jointly battled to hold off serious cyberattacks on the European Union's nuclear units and power plants as part of a simulated exercise.  The Cyber Atlantic 2011 event took place after real recent cyber attacks on France's power plant facilities and Iran's nuclear facilities.

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