Nasdaq London-based trading venue hit by server failure

Nasdaq OMX NLX, the stock market operator's new European venue, was affected by a systems failure on Monday morning which temporarily stopped data services.


Nasdaq OMX NLX, the stock market operator's new European venue, was affected by a "technical disturbance" on Monday morning which impacted its primary server.

Systems relating to supply of market data and 'drop copy' - a report that summarises a participant’s execution activity on a trading venue in close to real time - were affected. As a result, Nasdaq temporarily switched to its secondary server to enable its services to continue.

Nasdaq said in a statement that all services have now resumed on its primary systems.

"The primary server for FIX Drop Copy and FIX Market Data services was temporarily unavailable earlier today," the statement read. "Both services are now up and running on the primary and secondary servers."

Nasdaq OMX said that participants using drop copy services should connect to the secondary server to retrieve historic data generated this morning.

The server failure is the second in recent months, with Nasdaq OMX highlighting another issue at its NLX venue in May.

Launched last year, Nasdaq OMX NLX is a cross-product trading and clearing platform created by in partnership with LCH.Clearnet. Its infrastructure is hosted at Equinix's LD4/LD5 International Business Exchange data centre facility in Slough.  

The trading venue runs on Genium INET trading platform, and uses Platform Equinix, a service which links over 700 trading venues and technology service providers across international financial markets.

The wider Nasdaq business has suffered a number of high profile IT outages, with a three hour halt to trading last year due to "connectivity issues" with its Securities Industry Processor (SP) system.

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