Microsoft online store sells third-party PCs

Microsoft has begun selling PCs and third-party software on a website for its new retail store in Arizona.


Microsoft has begun selling PCs and third-party software on its US website.

Computers for sale on the Microsoft Store come pre-loaded with Windows 7. And the company is also selling a few netbooks - low-cost PCs that Microsoft has battled vigorously in the past.

Microsoft opened its online store back in November and only sold Microsoft products. Now all that has changed, quite possibly to increase the visibility and influence of Windows 7.

Usability has increased as well. According to Trevin Chow, Senior Lead Programme Manager for Microsoft Store, in a blog post: "We initially launched the online store last November, and since then we have had nearly a year's worth data coming in from usability studies, web analytics, and direct customer feedback.

“Based on all of this data, coupled with the newly expanded product catalogue, one of the biggest goals we had in this release was to simplify site navigation for our customers,” he said.

“With the new site, you'll notice a re-designed categorization, navigation and filtering system aimed to make it easier and faster to navigate as well as help you find products you want more quickly."

Not only is Microsoft selling PCs, it is also pushing its Xbox 360 video game console and games, and the new Zune HD media player.

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