Microsoft mixes Office with social networking

Microsoft has provided a way for Facebook friends to share Office Docs


Last month, Facebook overtook Google as the most visited site so it didn't take long for Microsoft to cosy up to the social media company. It has launched a version of Office that enables users to share and create Microsoft Office documents with their Facebook friends - another stage in the Redmond company's battle against Google.

Developed by Microsoft's Future Social Experiences (FUSE) Lab, Docs will provide an entry to Microsoft Office via Facebook. Writing on the Docs blog, FUSE's general manager Lili Cheng said "It's our belief that we may increase the value of Office ‘docs' by giving everyone the ability to seamlessly take their friends and connections with them from Facebook to

It might not quite have taken the month since Facebook overtook Google, but it's been a speedy implementation, just four months according to Cheng. 

The new development will build on the growing interest in collaboration tools and Microsoft said that the tie-up with Facebook would provide an easier way to share work. " integrated with the Facebook experience bring together the best of ‘software' with the best of ‘services'. Documents can be created directly within the app, or can be uploaded from your PC. After starting work on a document alone, you might then choose a few others with whom to share it. Or you might instead share it with all your friends, or you might share it with the world," wrote Cheng. 

The new service, which is already available in beta, can be found on the Docs website.

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