Microsoft Live gets event planning facility

Microsoft is adding an event-planning offering to its Windows Live suite of services - Live Events.


Microsoft is adding an event-planning offering to its Windows Live suite of services - Live Events.

Users of Live Events will be able to design a web page and invitation to an event, choosing from over 100 templates. They can customize further by changing the font and background images and dragging and dropping different components of the site.

According to Microsoft Live Events offers more than some other existing online invitation services, such as the popular Like those services.

Live Events users can choose email addresses of people to invite to their event from an address book they may already have in Hotmail or Messenger. They can also type in email addresses.

One feature that may set Live Events apart from other similar services is the ability for event participants to visit the invitation site after the event to upload photos or videos or comments, said Jay Fluegel, product manager for Windows Live Events.

Then anyone can order prints of the pictures, view slideshows or download the photos to Windows Live Gallery, a beta service that lets users share photos and other content.

The Live Events service, accessed at, will begin a gradual rollout across 56 international markets this week.

Microsoft also announced updates to a couple of other Live services. Users of the Skydrive beta, which lets anyone store and share files online, will now have 1G byte of storage, up from 500MB.

In addition, Live Spaces users will see an updated summary of changes their friends have made to their Spaces pages. When a user logs on to their Spaces page, they'll see thumbnails of new photos and snippets of text entries that friends have posted on their own pages. Microsoft also updated permissioning on photo albums so Spaces users can restrict access to their photo albums to a specific list of people.

Microsoft has slowly been adding to and updating its Live services, with plans to have a complete suite of integrated services by the end of this year. Users can visit to find out about the different services.

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