Marston’s to improve SAP testing

Marston’s has implemented an application quality management system in order to improve SAP testing.


Marston’s has implemented an application quality management system in order to improve SAP testing.

The company, which brews brands including Marston’s Pedigree and Ringwood Best Bitter, as well as operating 2,167 pubs, implemented an AQM system from supplier Original Software.

Marston’s had needed six months to plan and test each upgrade for its SAP Financials and SAP Sales & Distribution software, and with the recent addition of SAP enterprise resource planning, customer relationship management, supplier relationship management and business intelligence software, it was concerned about the time that would be needed for each upgrade.

The company said it was also concerned that with SAP due to deliver more regular updates rather than large packages of patches, it needed to move to more efficient testing procedures.

By using the AQM system Marston’s expects to be able to implement SAP updates more easily and quickly, and to be able to move away from the need to add technical staff as the system would be usable by regular staff rather than IT experts.

“Our SAP testing is business process driven and as such requires people with knowledge of the business process to actually design and execute tests,” said Judy Doust, test manager at Marston’s.

“A system that requires IT specialism would force us to employ a team of specialist testers. We’d still need to utilise the users for the business process knowledge and there would be crossover and duplicated effort.”

Using the TestDrive-Assist module in the system, Marston’s will also be able to automatically track any manual test processes to make them more easily repeatable. Most of the testing will be manual but simplified, but eventually some work will be automated. Doust said “quality” would remain the focus and this would dictate whether automated or manual processes are used.

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