Marks & Spencer launches mobile shopping site

Marks & Spencer has launched a version of its website designed specifically for mobile devices.


Marks & Spencer has launched a version of its website designed specifically for mobile devices.

Mobile users can access the website through the original address without having to download any software or apps.

The retailer said that customers will have almost all of the functionality on their mobile as is available through the main M&S website, which launched in 2000. Some functions, such as M&S TV and services such as made-to-measure shirts hosted on third-party websites, are not yet available on mobile devices.

"We look to add these additional features as the site develops," a spokesperson for M&S said.

Nonetheless, customers will still be able to access over 24,000 products through the mobile site, ranging from clothes to TVs and iPods.

Dave Hughes, director of M&S Direct, said: “Mobile optimised shopping sites have been done before by specialist retailers, but M&S is entering the market with 21 million customers.

“Even before the site was launched, hundreds of thousands of customers are already shopping with us on their mobile phones and market data is telling us that this will soon be millions.”

To support Hughes’ prediction, M&S cited a report from Morgan Stanley on Mobile Internet in December 2009, which said that “more users are likely to connect to the Internet via mobile devices than desktop PCs within five years”.

Since it launched its website 10 years ago, M&S has launched a range of related initiatives to engage with its customers, such as SMS and mobile marketing, and product reviews and ratings service on its website. The company also connects with its customers using social media, including Facebook and Twitter sites.

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