London's biggest minicab firm tips passengers with free 4G connectivity

London's largest minicab firm Addison Lee is rolling out free 4G mobile connectivity for passengers.


London's largest minicab firm Addison Lee is rolling out free 4G mobile connectivity for passengers, but is ignoring the UK's biggest 4G mobile network, EE, in delivering it.

The firm is deploying 4G connectivity across 4,800 vehicles. The roll out is expected to be completed next year, said the firm, with passengers able to get data speeds of up to 12mbps within vehicles. The fleet-wide deployment follows a 4G trial across 150 cars.

Liam Griffin, CEO of Addison Lee, said, "In-car 4G will help our customers be better connected than ever before, by enabling them to work and play on the move, and perhaps free up some spare time along the way."

Last year, it was reported by EE that the company was trialling its 4G network to deliver such a service. But Addison Lee said it wasn't using EE to deliver its commercial 4G roll-out.

EE controls the T-Mobile and Orange networks, so who is providing the network to passengers?, Londoners and visitors may ask.

For now, Addison Lee prefers not to say. But a choice of either Vodafone, O2 or Three would provide any one of those mobile operators a much needed boost against EE which has, up to now, been able to boast - without too much opposition - about "having the UK's best and biggest 4G network".

Other UK businesses and organisations which have trialled or are using the EE 4G network to deliver services include estate agent Foxtons, Gatwick Airport, NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde, Kier, Microsoft, Morrisons, Sony Music, TNT Post and Urban Outfitters.

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