Lloyds customers hit by payments system outage

A computer systems failure at the weekend meant that Lloyds customers were unable to receive payments into their accounts on Monday.


A computer systems failure at the weekend meant Lloyds customers were unable to receive payments into their accounts on Monday. 

The problem emerged during a routine updating of customer data, which stopped the transfer of funds using the Faster Payments service, meaning that many Lloyds customers were unable to access payments until Tuesday morning.

The Faster Payments system enables the quick processing of phone, internet and standing orders, for a number of high street banks includind Barclays, Co-operative Banks, HSBC and Santander.  The scheme was put in place in 2008, ensuring that payments were processed within 24 hours.

Lloyds Banking Group told Computerworld UK that the problem was not due to a software update.

A spokesperson for Lloyds said: "We are aware of an issue that affected some faster payments on Monday, and apologise to customers that were affected.

"The full service was available to customers from 5pm. All other payment services were unaffected, ensuring that customers could continue to process the significant majority of transactions."

A Faster Payments' spokesperson said that it had not seen its own service affected over the period.

"The central Faster Payments system, and any systems processing other types of payments, have continued to operate as normal throughout,“ the statement read.

Although not directly impacted, the outage had a knock-on effect for customers of other banks such as Natwest, with customers noting problems transferring of funds into Lloyds accounts.

Lloyds customers also experienced problems access funds on New Year's Eve, with many unable to access funds using debit cards or withdraw cash from ATMs.

Lloyd's online banking service ran into problems last summer, with access to account information temporarily blocked.

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