Linux to power Qantas superjumbo in-flight entertainment

Linux will power all of airline Qantas' superjumbo in-flight entertainment systems.


Linux will power all of airline Qantas' superjumbo in-flight entertainment systems.

The A380 is the first Qantas aircraft to utilise the Panasonic eX2 In-flight Entertainment System (IFE), which runs on Linux.

But Qantas is not limiting its Linux use to the superjumbos. The systems will feature in Qantas' next batch of B737-800 aircraft (which will use the Panasonic eFX system) for both its Business and Economy customers, due in March 2009; its B787 or 'Dreamliner' aircraft also due next year; and on some of its older but soon-to-be revamped B767-300 fleet.

The eX2 powers many of the world's leading airlines' IFE. Singapore Airlines already operates the eX2 on its A380s, B747 and B777 aircraft while Emirates will carry the same system on its batch of almost 60 A380 aircraft. It is believed two-thirds of the carriers who have placed orders for A380 aircraft will operate the eX2 IFE.

Qantas has said the IFE in the A380 aircraft will feature 17 inch touch screens that come equipped with noise cancelling headsets and video on demand options.

"Our system is state of the art and offers over 1,000 entertainment options including everything from the latest release movies to our Lonely Planet destinational information as well as our tail mounted panoramic camera," said John Borghetti, executive general manager at Qantas in a recent Web forum.

According to an article in Avionics Today, the A380 is the industry's first one-gigabit backbone system, and will deliver something in the order of 5Mbits/s of data to the seat.

"That amount of bandwidth will provide not only high-quality video but concurrent capabilities like picture-in-picture, live text news and text messaging," said Neil James, director of corporate sales and marketing for Panasonic Avionics.

Qantas Flight QF 93 which departs Melbourne for Los Angeles on October 20 will be the airline's first commercial flight with the new airplane.

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