Java dev James Gosling launches anti Oracle t-shirt line

Merchandise takes aim at Oracle, which is now in charge of Java technologies developed by Sun.


Java founder James Gosling's campaign for a "free" Java has extended to offering a line of T-shirts and other merchandise. In a blog post on Friday, Gosling, known as the "father" of Java while at Sun Microsystems, unveiled the shirts along with similarly themed buttons, coffee mugs, and a refrigerator magnet.

He specifically takes aim at Oracle CEO Larry Ellison with the campaign. Oracle acquired Java founder Sun earlier this year. Gosling left Oracle shortly thereafter.

The shirts feature the following comments: "Java," "Just Free It," and "Hold Oracle to Their Pledge!" One shirt features Ellison's picture with the phrases, "We're Long Past 1984" and "It's Time to Set Java Free." Gosling has been campaigning for Oracle to live up to a 2007 pledge to create an independent Java foundation.

"If you're attending JavaOne or OpenWorld, I'd appreciate it if you'd wear one, just to let Larry know that you care," Gosling said. The two conferences will be held in San Francisco beginning the week of September 19.

Gosling also advised that the shirts be worn by those in the neighborhood of the events, by those who will be spending "quality time with an Oracle salesperson," or for any other situation where the spirit moves them.

The merchandise can be ordered by phone from CafePress at 877-809-1659. Prices range from $2.99 for a single button to $24.99 for an organic, fitted T-shirt. Batches of buttons also can be purchased, in packs of 10 or 100.

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