IT salaries outstrip inflation

UK IT salaries have risen by 5.5% in last 12 months according to a new report by CV Screen.


UK IT salaries have risen by 5.5% in last 12 months according to a new report by CV Screen.

The IT recruitment specialist found permanent IT salaries in the UK have risen by monitoring over 30,000 advertised positions in the UK during the first quarter of 2007. CV Screen concluded the average advertised salary for an IT professional in the UK is now £32,965.

“With the IT sector experiencing a period of continual growth, we have been experiencing especially high demand for IT professionals over the last year.” said Matthew Iveson, CV Screen managing director.

But he added that there had been a shortage of candidates seeking new roles during the same period, “and the net result is upward pressure on salaries,” Iveson said.

The survey, which excludes salaries within the financial service industry, finds that there has been considerable demand for candidates with Java, Microsoft .Net, SAP and network support experience. This has caused large increases in the salaries offered for candidates with these skills.

The analysis found increased uptake of online recruitment methods is also contributing to the heightened activity in the industry. “The continued increase in candidates applying for vacancies through online job boards and uploading their CV to databases is quickening the recruitment process,:” said Iveson.

He added that employers who are able to react quickly to applications are those who are benefiting most from the current candidate driven marketplace.

“The outlook for 2007 is equally buoyant and employers need to ensure they are accurately benchmarking their IT salaries or risk losing their IT staff,” he advised.

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