IT firm hopes to benefit from big data research with Warwick University partnership

Warwick University’s data science hub will help Bull provide solutions for enterprises to better integrate and exploit valuable data.


Warwick University’s new specialist data analysis unit will help IT services provider Bull provide solutions for businesses to better integrate and exploit valuable data.

The vendor has previously partnered with Warwick University to combine supercomputing expertise from the University’s leading Computer Science department.

Now research from Warwick University’s new data science research unit will help Bull's business team provide innovative big data solutions for enterprises, which Jeff Spencer, head of Business Development at Bull, believes, “gives us the edge over our competitors”.

In return, Warwick University has been granted access to Bull's expertise and computing kit within the UK and in the vendor's technology hub in Grenoble, saving the university "millions" Professor Stephen Jarvis, Computer Science head at Warwick, said.

“Organisations are bombarded by data in diverse forms from social media to connected sensors, but few know how to combine structured and unstructured forms and convert data to information to give real value. We aim to help them overcome these barriers and to develop great commercial applications that will significantly improve the experience of their customers.

“This kind of forward-thinking collaboration between business and universities not only brings rewards for all those involved, it also helps create a concentrated hub of significant expertise which will benefit the UK economy as a whole,” Jarvis added.

“So much has been discussed about the possibilities of big data yet few businesses have the advanced expertise needed to go beyond this,” said Andrew Carr, CEO of Bull UK and Ireland. 

“They may already have a vision but be unsure about how to get there – or they may not even be aware of what they could achieve with the data they hold and need help to identify the opportunities. 

“By taking this challenge beyond the mainstream business environment and engaging the best brains possible on the subject, we can help organisations start to realise big data implementations by injecting a new dynamism into high performance project development that will enable them to be the first to market with their initiatives.” 

Warwick Business School recently teamed up IBM and business intelligence specialist SAS to teach students how to mine big data.

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