iPhone gets Wi-Fi boost?

iPhone owners say their devices have much better wireless reception after the latest Apple software patch.


iPhone owners say their devices have much better wireless reception after the latest Apple software patch.

The second update issued this month went live on Tuesday via iTunes, the usual update mechanism for iPhone owners.

Although Apple only said that 1.0.2 included unspecified "bug fixes," owners on several popular message forums, including those on the MacRumors site, claim that their iPhones now connect to wireless access points once written off as out of range.

"My Wi-Fi reception is definitely better," a user identified as schulzmc said. "While in my office I have never been able to connect to the Wi-Fi hub in the conference room down the hall [but after the update] I was surprised that the Edge connection seemed faster, until I realised I was connected to the Wi-Fi hub with two bars. For me, this is a huge issue, as I was preparing to try to deal with whatever hassle it would take to get the Wi-Fi connection extended to my office area."

"Wi-Fi reception and connection is much improved," seconded 'snowboarder'. "The phone works better. Some places I had problems with before now work like a charm."

Reports of other changes were more mixed. Some who applied the 3.7Mb update, for example, swore that speaker-phone volume - a long-standing issue for users who complain it's too low - was boosted by the new software. Others, however, said it was as low as ever.

Problems with the update appeared to be centred on those who had changed, or "modded" their iPhones with unsanctioned hacks to, among other things, let them add their own ring-tones. Applying the 1.0.2 update meant owners of modded iPhones had to restore the device from scratch. That wasn't unexpected, however, since Apple's 1.0.1 update did the same thing.

iPhone users can wait out the update interval - iTunes automatically checks Apple's update servers once a week - or retrieve it manually by selecting "Check for Update" under the iTunes Help menu and then docking the iPhone to the PC or Mac.

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