In pictures: Google Chrome OS revealed

A visual tour of Google Chrome OS


The web-based Google Chrome OS was shown for the first time this week, where the company gave a brief demo of the operating system. Here's our visual tour of Google's nascent operating system.

Google Chrome OS

Google's Chrome OS is designed purely to run web-based applications, rather than software installed on a system's hard drive. At Thursday's Chrome OS event, Google claimed the new operating system's boot-up speed is a lightning-fast 7 seconds. The Chrome OS will not be available to consumers until 2010 around the Christmas season, according to Google.

Pre-Installed Chrome Coming Soon

Google Chrome OS

The Chrome OS will only work with solid state drives, according to Google. Sundar Pichai, Google's vice president of product management, says that the company is working with a number of hardware manufacturers who will sell netbooks with the OS pre-installed.

Main Screen Displays Shortcuts to Web Apps


Chrome OS has a near-identical interface to Google's Chrome browser, offering a tabbed UI with icon-based shortcuts to popular web services.

Notification panels


Panel notifications, located in the lower-right hand corner of Chrome OS will alert you to new instant messages, email, and calendar events.

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