IBM to buy server consolidation firm Transitive

IBM is set to acquire virtualisation supplier Transitive.


IBM is set to acquire virtualisation vendor Transitive.

The company's software lets applications run on multiple platforms, even if they have been designed for a single type of microprocessor and operating system.

Transitive's technology has already been included in IBM's PowerVMTM software, which lets customers consolidate x86 Linux workloads onto IBM servers. IBM is targeting customers who could benefit by moving from under-used servers to mainframe and Power systems.

Transitive has 48 patents related to its cross-platform virtualisation technology. The company develops "technologies that allow applications written for one type of microprocessor and operating system to run on multiple platforms - with little or no modification," according to IBM.

With Transitive in tow, IBM has said it plans to build additional products to make server migrations and consolidations easier to complete.

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