HP workstations to run AMD 'Shanghai' processor

The highly anticipated AMD Opteron 'Shanghai' 45nm Quad-Core processor will be added to HP workstations.


The highly anticipated AMD Opteron 'Shanghai' 45nm Quad-Core processor will be added to HP workstations.

The HP xw9400 offers the engineering advantages of HP's highly tuned workstations along with new features from the AMD Opteron processor line, which offers the most dramatic performance and performance-per-watt increases from AMD since its introduction of the world's first x86 dual-core processors nearly four years ago.

The HP workstations are designed to help professionals such as digital content creators, oil and gas engineers, and computer-aided manufacturing engineers achieve shorter project cycle times and greater parallelism in their workflow in a stable, multi-threaded, multi-tasking environment.

"HP and AMD are setting new industry benchmarks for multi-core workstation computing. With the inclusion of "Shanghai" 45nm Quad-Core AMD Opteron processor in HP Workstations, we will continue to focus on satisfying the most demanding customers by being the first to market leading-edge workstation technology at a great value," said Anurag Gupta, Country Category Manager - Workstations, Personal Systems Group, HP India.

"We are offering more performance and robust capabilities with an eye towards designing relevant products and solutions for the industry."

"AMD and HP have consistently provided solutions that offer unprecedented levels of performance and reliability," said Ramkumar Subramanian, Sales & Marketing Vice President. "By bringing the performance and energy efficiency of the industry's first native 45nm quad-core microprocessors to workstation computing, AMD and HP are giving customers the tools they need for faster visualization, analysis and product creation."

The 'Shanghai' 45nm Quad-Core AMD Opteron processor based xw9400 Workstations are available for shipment in India with immediate effect.

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