HP forms new division to slash enterprise print costs

HP has formed a new print services division to attempt to unify disparate hardware such as copiers, printers and scanners.


HP has formed a new print services division to attempt to unify disparate hardware such as copiers, printers and scanners.

The division, called Managed Enterprise Solutions, will offer a way for enterprises to cut costs, said Vyomesh Joshi, executive vice president of HP's imaging and printing group. The unit will also provide services and software that put scanned or printed documents in workflow systems to make document management easier.

The company's attention has been geared toward hardware and supplies, but software and services surrounding printing and imaging are a growing opportunity, Joshi said. 

There is more to printing than just hitting the print button, said Roger Douglas, director of managed print services at HP. For example, software provided with the managed services could enable an invoice to be scanned, which can automatically be put into a company's payroll system. The automation reduces the number of steps and cost required to manage the document, Douglas said. It also reduces the chance for error through manual transcription.

The documents can also be secured through a service by establishing a status to ensure documents aren't appended, Douglas said. For example, if a marketing logo is finalised on a particular document, its status can be appended to ensure no one changes it. This approach is particularly helpful when editing legal documents, he said.

The company is also changing printer designs to build in more services-related functionality. For example, a touch screen on multifunction printers can be used to input or check the job status of scanned documents like patient records.

"A lot of times customers have treated imaging and printing like an afterthought," Douglas said. Managed print is all about stepping back and taking a more strategic and methodical look at how those documents are managed, he said.

The company has also expanded the availability of a programme that guarantees savings for customers who sign up for its print services outside the US. Under the plan, HP assesses a company's imaging and printing environment and calculates the possible savings a company can realise using HP's managed services. If customers haven't realised the savings in a year, HP will make up the difference with a credit that can be used for their next printing services contract. The company has already signed up 100 customers since it launched that programme, Joshi said.

The unit will be a part of the company's imaging and printing division, Joshi said. The company has pulled some personnel from the existing services division and has seen its services customer base expand since acquiring EDS.

HP has a strong presence in the printer market, and the expansion of services could help it capture a larger share in the printer space, said Edward Crowley, CEO of Photizo Group, a consulting company that specialises in managed print services. The increased level of focus on services could also benefit HP's enterprise customers, he said.

HP is the first company to establish a dedicated print services division, according to Crowley. Competitors including Xerox have managed print services spread across various company divisions and programmes, which can make it harder for customers to find the right offering, he said.

More and more customers are focusing on their print costs per page, Crowley said. The new HP division could potentially charge companies per page printed, he said, a fee that would cover hardware, supplies and services such as help desk support.

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