HM Treasury awards first contract to replace ICT estate

HM Treasury has awarded the first contract under its ‘ICT2015’ programme to replace its existing ICT estate.


HM Treasury has awarded the first contract under its ‘ICT2015’ programme to replace its existing ICT estate.

Basingstoke-based SME Centerprise has won a four-year deal to provide media and wireless ICT services to the department. The contract is understood to be worth approximately £2.5 million.

The ‘ICT2015’ programme will see the Treasury’s existing ‘Flex’ contract with Fujitsu, which is due to expire in January 2015, replaced with a number of contracts provided by a variety of different suppliers.

This is in line with wider Whitehall strategy of breaking up departments’ single outsourced IT deals with one provider into smaller contracts, which the government hopes will deliver efficiencies and encourage SME participation.

More than 100 companies, roughly a third of which were SMEs, expressed an interest in the media and wireless contract, according to Centerprise.

The company explained it will be responsible for supporting and maintaining wireless infrastructure, TV distribution infrastructure and unclassified end user devices. It will also provide cloud-based video conferencing services and on-site support services such as an ICT loan service.

The deal is the first central government contract to be won by the company, which employs roughly 130 people and has been trading for 30 years.

The Treasury is preparing to award contracts for the two remaining elements of its ICT estate: printing and core IT services, and will procure the remaining services needed at a later date. These include line of business applications, fixed line telephony and hosted applications.

Jeremy Nash, systems integrators business manager at Centerprise, said: “This is a big win for us. We are an SME employing about 130 people, so to be able to compete for Central Government contracts opens up a whole other level of business for us.

“We have a great deal of experience working in defence, education and wider public sector markets, so we are delighted to be given this opportunity.”

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