Google promises to cut Analytics downtime

Google is promising its Analytics customers less downtime, following a recent spate of glitches.


Google is promising its Analytics customers less downtime, following a recent spate of glitches.

Analytics went into a data display blackout Saturday evening that lasted until Monday evening. During that time, users could access their accounts but couldn't see up-to-date traffic data. This is now fixed.

"Data for Sunday and Monday was still collected and processed during this time, so no data was lost. By Monday night, accounts were back to normal. We are continuing to take steps to minimise the number of processing delays in the future," said a Google spokeswoman.

She would not say how many users were affected. Judging by how a Google staffer phrased a pair of messages on the official Analytics blog on Monday, it seems the problem may have been widespread.

Organisations of all sizes use Analytics to monitor traffic and analyse site usage. Web publishers use the service to make decisions regarding their sites' design, content and ad space.

When Google Analytics stopped delivering data to users on Saturday, it was the latest in a string of performance and availability problems to hit the service.

Last week, it suffered what the company called a "brief processing delay". Another such delay hit the service during the weekend of 14 and 15 July, affecting "a small percentage of users," Google said then.

The previous weekend, a server outage prevented "many" users from creating and logging into new accounts, according to Google. A significant data outage left many users fuming in late May as well.

Google is a big proponent of the software-as-a-service model, in which vendors host in their own servers the applications their clients access. Although this model has benefits, it also has drawbacks, such as the problems that have hit Analytics. In these situations, users can do little but wait for the vendor to fix the problem on its data centre and hope it is done quickly.

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