Fujitsu delivers virtualised infrastruture for BYOD at Essex school

The Warren School has chosen Fujitsu’s virtualised infrastructure as it overhauls its existing IT systems to introduce virtual desktops and put in place a BYOD scheme.


The Warren School has chosen Fujitsu’s virtualised infrastructure to overhauls its existing IT systems, introducing virtual desktops and a BYOD scheme for staff and students.

The Essex school, which has over 1,200 pupils, said it has outgrown its eleven legacy servers and limited storage capacity, with staff and students struggling with limited system resources.   

With the introduction of two Fujitsu Primergy servers the school aims to transition from physical desktops, providing more flexibility for users.  This will mean access to up to twenty five virtual machines, with applications that would usually have been limited to certain computers, such as art and design or maths software, available from any part of the school, helping create ‘virtual departments’.

Fujitu’s vShape infrastructure will also enable the school to offer remote access to files and applications, making it easier to submit homework for example.  

The Warren School will also begin to allow staff to bring in their own devices to school and connect to the school network, with the system up and running ahead of the next school year in September.

“Moving our existing IT system to Fujitsu vShape should enable us to do so much more than we previously thought possible,” said Andrew Szymanski, network manager at The Warren School.  “To be capable of offering our staff and students true remote access and the ability to bring the devices they want to use to school, we’re not only improving the way we work but the satisfaction of our staff and students.

He added: “Working in partnership with Fujitsu to move to vShape makes implementing such policies incredibly simple.”

vShape will be implemented with the help of Fujitsu engineers, with training and ICT support provided to staff during a handover.

Andrew McDade, enterprise product manager at Fujitsu UK and Ireland, commented: “Fujitsu vShape is designed from the ground up to offer the small to medium-sized business – whether that’s an office or a school – everything it needs to deliver highly flexible and expandable IT to its users.

“By adopting vShape, The Warren School has created a world of possibilities for its teaching staff, and its students.”

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