Five critical holes patched in Firefox 2.0

Mozilla has patched eight holes, five critical, in the latest version of the open-source browser.


Mozilla has patched eight holes, five of them critical, in the new Firefox 2.0 browser.

Release of the open-source browser fixes flaws in memory corruption as well as the way the browser executes RSS, Javascript and CSS code. Similar flaws have also been patched in the older Firefox 1.5 browser.

Five critical holes patched in Mozilla's Firefox 2.0 browser

Five of the eight flaws were rated critical by Firefox, meaning a user would be vulnerable to attack and remote software installation on their machines just from browsing the Web in the usual fashion. Two of the flaws were rated as high, while one received a low security-risk rating.

Mozilla released Firefox 2.0, the second major update to its open-source browser, in October.

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