Every new car to be connected to mobile network by 2025

Almost every new car will be mobile-enabled by 2025, according to mobile industry association GSMA.


Almost every new car will be mobile-enabled by 2025, according to mobile industry association GSMA.

According to a report from research firm SBD commissioned by GSMA, there will be a connected car market worth almost €40 billion globally in 2018.

It is estimated €32.6 billion of these revenues - 83 percent of the total - will be driven by the growth of embedding SIM technology into new vehicles to enable mobile connectivity.

This will encourage a range of mobile-based services around safety, security, infotainment, traffic information, navigation and vehicle diagnostics, said GSMA.

SBD predicts that "most, if not all new cars will have some form of connectivity by 2025", due largely to the rapid growth of embedded mobile technology.

The growth of the connected car market will also be boosted by the European Commission’s selection of "embedded mobile" for its eCall in-vehicle emergency call services mandate, said GSMA.

This initiative requires all new car models in member states from 2015 to be fitted with the European eCall system, which will connect a vehicle to emergency services following a collision, and provide vital location and impact information. The mandate’s impact in Europe is expected to be felt almost immediately, with eCall sales in 2016 estimated to reach 7 million units.

“Embedding mobile technology in cars will not only save lives, but also drive a range of new services and provide a significant revenue opportunity for the mobile and automotive industries,” said Michael O’Hara, chief marketing officer at GSMA.

The GSMA is promoting the connected car market through its Connected Car Forum, where leading mobile operators and automakers come together to try and overcome barriers to growth, and to improve the speed and uptake of telematics and infotainment services.

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