Employees 'unaware' of business continuity

The majority of office staff do not understand business continuity, BT has warned.


The majority of office staff do not understand business continuity, BT has warned.

Some three quarters either do not understand what is in their company’s business continuity plan, or are unaware if their company has such a plan, according to research by the IT and telecoms company.

An astonishing 22 percent of employees feel that losing a mobile device would not be a disaster, BT said. And 38 percent of those who had lost a mobile device had admitted it was not secure.

BT said businesses needed to do “much more” to educate staff on their responsibilities regarding business continuity and protecting corporate data.

Ray Stanton, global head at BT’s business continuity, security and governance practice, warned that businesses faced so many security issues that they could no longer “see the wood for the trees”.

He added: “As the profile of information security has increased in recent years, so businesses have become more adept at addressing strategic issues like risk management, outsourcing and security auditing. The worry is that at the same time they have been forgetting about the fundamentals.”

Companies are also “ignoring” encryption, according to BT, and need to implement threat management systems to prevent denial of service attacks, it warned.

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