Documentum revamped for Web 2.0 users

EMC has upgraded its Documentum enterprise content management platform with several Web 2.0 tools and a software server.


EMC has upgraded its Documentum enterprise content management platform with several Web 2.0 tools and a software server.

Version 6.5 release of EMC Documentum features four new add-ons, including a web page builder; a rich media interface for reviewing, annotating and sharing rich media files; a personalised client giving users quick access to frequently used content; and new team workspaces.

EMC has also launched its Documentum High-Volume Server, which offers "high-speed ingestion, batch processing [and a] lightweight footprint for metadata and data portioning," technologies designed to keep high-volume applications running smoothly.

EMC is just the latest vendor to hop on the Web 2.0 craze, taking advantage of a trend in which businesses are using more interactive collaboration tools delivered over web interfaces. Cisco, Microsoft, IBM and a raft of start-ups have charged into the Web 2.0 market as well.

With the success of social networking sites geared toward consumers such as Facebook, Flickr and, similar tools are trickling into the enterprise, notes Whitney Tidmarsh, vice president of marketing for content management.

"The appeal of those tools is pretty self-evident. It's just a great way to interact with people," Tidmarsh says. "I think IT has been cautious and to some degree fearful about what bringing social networking tools in to the enterprise might mean from a security and volume perspective."

The new Web 2.0 add-ons for Documentum will be available either for free or a "nominal" fee that EMC did not disclose. This charge would be in addition to the base platform. That doesn't come cheap; for 100 users, businesses could expect packages starting at $25,000 (£12,500) to $50,000 (£25,000), Tidmarsh said. A global customer with 100,000 employees could easily pay millions of dollars, she added.

The Web 2.0 add-ons include Documentum CenterStage Essentials, which features shared team workspaces and "guided search." Similar to iTunes, where you can search by genre or album, EMC is giving customers the option of searching documents by keywords, authors, format type and other categories.

CenterStage will be available as a free online beta next month and will be generally available by the end of the year, according to Tidmarsh. The other new Documentum products will start shipping 31 July.

Media WorkSpace, another new item, will be available at no extra charge to customers who have a licence for Documentum Digital Asset Manager, which uses a web-based interface to manage digital content like product images, streaming video, logos, flash animations and presentations.

Media WorkSpace gives users a "highly personalised, dynamic and familiar way to view, find compare, annotate, review and share rich media assets," the company said.

The final two new releases, Web Publish Page Builder and My Documentum, will both require an extra payment in addition to regular Documentum licence fees. The page builder tool is an Adobe Flex-based Web authoring interface that gives non-technical business users the ability to create attractive web pages, EMC says.

My Documentum integrates Documentum with programs like Microsoft Outlook and Windows Explorer, "providing users with immediate access to the latest versions of content they use most often as well as allowing them to access and work on documents when they are not connected to the server," said EMC.

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