Disposal survey finds PC black hole

A survey released this week has found that 50% of companies don’t always dispose of old PCs and mobile devices securely.


Allen recommended thoroughly reformatting the hard-drive or encrypting the data on all mobile devices to ensures no one can get to old data unless they know the computers password both during the PC’s lifetime and beyond.

At least half of staff within one in three companies surveyed use a mobile device for work. But 60% of these devices do not have any encryption on them.

Only 16% of IT professionals were worried about what could happen to the data residing on old disused PCs and mobile devices, but admitted that there was little they could do as: “there was no real policy on disposing of mobile devices, so anything can happen to them, as they are not encrypted and a third party could easily access the information,” said one respondent.

Lack of time and resources was also sited as one of the main reasons why companies do not bother with security on their corporate devices and for many, mobile security had not yet been included within their security policy.

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