Dental firm GC Europe moves data centre into the cloud with Interoute

International dental care manufacturer GC Europe has moved its data centre into the cloud with Interoute.


International dental care manufacturer GC Europe has moved its data centre into the cloud with Interoute.

GC Europe is to use the Interoute Virtual Data Centre (VDC) to help host and transfer huge data files to its employees and partners across the world.

Headquartered in Leuven, Belgium, GC Europe is also connecting its dispersed offices, manufacturing, sales and research locations throughout Europe with an MPLS-based virtual private network from Interoute. It is also using Interoute’s Microsoft-certified SIP trunking voice solution.

The company has a constant flow of heavy data traffic across its many sites, and requires a high performance infrastructure to deal with large images and multimedia assets.

Bart Branckaerts, managing director for IT at GC Europe said: "We have a traditional outsourced managed hosting set up with a fibre-connected data centre hosting our file services. But as part of our continuing mission to reduce costs, improve performance and increase robustness and reliability, we were attracted to the maintenance and performance benefits of Interoute VDC.

"What surprised me was its phenomenal speed. When we tested transferring 2GB of multimedia files across Interoute VDC it was 260 percent faster than our existing managed hosting service.”

Interoute VDC is a cloud computing and storage infrastructure-as-a-service solution integrated into Interoute’s pan European MPLS fibre optic network. Interoute VDC customers are not charged for any bandwidth or data transfers across the Interoute VDC platform in Europe, which makes the service cost competitive.

Branckaerts said: "The total cost of ownership using Interoute VDC is 20 to 25 percent lower than our managed hosting solution, and that’s not including the thousands of euros we would have had to spend to purchase extra bandwidth to get anywhere near the speed and performance of Interoute VDC."

He said: "Sharing big multimedia files is critical to our business, and the classic managed data centre model simply can’t keep up, so our aim is to eliminate the classic data centre."

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