Dell fights Fujitsu Siemens, HP, IBM and Apple for green crown

Dell is responding to the growing interest in green issues by attempting to become the greenest IT company.


Dell is responding to the growing interest in green issues by attempting to become the greenest IT company.

It has announced a number of intiatives, aimed at the entire Dell supply chain and focused on planting trees to offset carbon emissions generated in the production and use of Dell products.

It will face tough opposition. Fujitsu Siemens has been promoting energy efficient products for more than a decade and today, 7 June, has gone further, announcing a Dynamic Data Centre (DDC) Challenge to UK FTSE 350 companies.

Under the challenge, Fujitsu Siemens Computers will conduct a free of an organisation’s datacentre, where it promises demonstrate how it can reduce the power consumption costs, operating costs and physical footprint of an organisation’s data centre by at least 40%.

If it fails to do so, Fujitsu Siemens has pledged to donate £10,000 to the environmental charity, The Climate Group, on behalf of the organisation where it fails to demonstrate this level of saving.

IBM last month promised to spend £500m a year in an initiative to double energy efficiency, first in its own datacentres, then in those of its customers.

HP has announced plans to reduce plans to reduce energy consumption by a20% and has rolled out a line of new efficient Energy Star PCs. Sun has also climbed on the bandwagon.

Dell's initiatives include:-

  • Preferring green suppliers over non-green ones
  • Reducing the carbon intensity of Dell's global operations by 15 percent by 2012
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  • Extending its " Plant a Tree for Me" program to Europe, allowing computer users to offset the emissions associated with the electricity their computers use
  • Asking customers for their ideas in building the "greenest PC on the planet" via Del's IdeaStorm website
  • Michael Dell said: "Our goal is simple and clear. We'll take the lead in setting an environmental standard for our industry that will reflect our partnership with, and direct feedback from, our customers, suppliers and stakeholders, and we intend to maintain that leadership. ... Dell will do its part to protect the Earth's climate, from providing energy-efficient IT products, to using environmentally responsible practices we hope others will embrace." He went to say that today we are all in the re-generation generation.

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