Dell boosts mobile device management offering

Dell KACE has released the K3000 Mobile Management Appliance, which aims to help IT departments deal with an increasingly complex device landscape.


Dell KACE has released the K3000 Mobile Management Appliance, which aims to help IT departments deal with an increasingly complex device landscape.

The K3000 mobile device management system is aimed at enabling greater control over the proliferation of mobile devices in the workplace, with many organisations providing staff with mobile hardware, or giving the green light to bring your own device (BYOD) schemes.    

This means Dell Kace providing secure, on-premise support for mobile devices including tablets and smartphones running Android and iOS operating systems through the K3000 appliance.   

The K3000 software will integrate with the company's other systems management appliances, including the K1000.  This will allow IT staff to access multiple systems though one screen, allowing the monitoring of all devices from servers to smartphones through a single console.

The appliance also has security features to ensure that any lost devices are easily wipeable, with remote access allowing factory reset on hardware, as well as remote device locking and unlocking.

Dell Kace promises simple setup of devices onto the management system, with over the air provisioning of K3000 to devices.   Simplified application management will also allows corporate applications to be accessed on personal devices

Rob Meinhardt, general manager for Dell KACE highlighted the challenges that IT departments face in creating a secure environment for the proliferation of mobile devices in the workplace.

“The definition of systems management is changing,” said Meinhardt. “In the past, our customers managed laptops, desktops and servers. Increasingly, they need to say ‘yes’ to devices of all kinds including smartphones and tablets."

He added: "With the Dell KACE K3000 Mobile Management Appliance, our customers will have a well-integrated and easy to use system for managing and securing all types of devices, operating systems and endpoints in their IT environment.”

Philip Redman, research vice president at Gartner, commented that adequate system support is vital in enabling organisations to benefit from the growth of mobile devices.

"The rapid influx of users bringing their own consumer mobile devices that demand access to corporate resources presents challenges to organisations," Redman said. "However, by implementing a structured support system with varied support levels, IT organisations can shield business information and enforce policies about data movement between the device and the corporate network, while enabling users to adopt the device they deem most appropriate."

He added: "Organisations will find it hard to achieve an efficient mobile-support system if all platforms are not managed the same way under enterprise requirements.”

Recent Gartner analysis showed that 65 percent of enterprises are expecting to roll out MDM systems in the next five years, with the majority of enterprise IT departments having to deal with more than two operating systems.

Dell has been increasing its mobile management portfolio, including its Dell Wyse Cloud Client Manager, as the company seeks to extend its offerings away from its traditional PC sales, and into providing higher margin enterprise software and services. This has involved a string of acquisitions as the company attempts to position itself in more profitable markets. 

The K3000 Mobile Management Appliance will be available in early 2013 Dell Kace said, beginning with a limited release to customers in January.

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