Cross-vendor collaboration key to invention, says IBM

IBM has said more IT vendors and users will follow its "Smarter Planet" stance, with the world getting "smarter" through today's technology.


IBM has said more IT vendors and users will follow its "Smarter Planet" stance, with the world getting "smarter" through today's technology.

The Smarter Planet stance is an advocacy to achieve innovation by being more open and collaborative.

Nick Donofrio, VP Innovation and Technology, said IBM sees a lot of its partner companies such as Intel, HP, Sun Microsystems, Cisco, SAP, Avaya, and Microsoft will follow suit with big blue's advocacy that is focused on transformation and cultural change.

"We've always been open and transparent to our partners about our goals in building a smarter planet and we see a lot of companies going in this direction," Donofrio said during the conduct of the IBM ASEAN Leadership Exchange in Singapore.

The 3-day event was attended by about 130 chief information officers (CIOs) from both private enterprises and government agencies across the ASEAN region.

A renowned champion for innovation in the IBM global IT ecosystem, Donofrio said the world is getting smarter, citing there are one billion transistors per person on earth and about a trillion devices connected in the Internet. He added about 30 billion RFID tags will be embedded in the world by year 2010.

"Beyond the crisis, or rather because of this crisis, we have the chance to do more, to drive change that perhaps our organizations didn't have the appetite for, even a few months ago," said Cordelia Chung, general manager of the IBM ASEAN.

Chung said IBM's leadership conference had brought "transformation into focus" and highlighted strategies and solutions that are immediate in their results and long-term in their impact, while being cost-effective.

She said there is no smarter choice in exploring change but now since smarter systems are now available and interconnected, such as cloud computing, virtualization, and various industry framework solutions focused around "Smart Grid, eHealth, and Intelligent Transportation."

Chung said driving transformation in these times of crisis is never easy because of cultural resistance. Yet she claims now is the best time to restart the business to be competitive, to outdo one's legacy and success, and to find ways to enlarge businesses in between.

"Companies should leverage on today's IT infrastructure to unearth transformational ideas," Chung said. "IBM has the technology and ideas, the transformational experience. And there's no greater time but now."

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