Compuware overhauls performance management tools

Compuware has made overhauled its application performance management product lines.


Compuware has overhauled its application performance management product lines.

The company has refreshed Vantage, its on-premise software and Gomez its SaaS offering.

Gomez First Mile has been designed to quantify business impact and isolate root causes of web performance issues. It is managed through the Gomez SaaS Portal and allows users to identify if a performance problem is inside or outside their firewall.

The company has also introduced a new Gomez dashboard.

The new version of Vantage has been enhanced to take advantage of organisations' drive towards virtualisation. "Vantage 11.5 has been integrated with VMware" said Allen. "The product can now offer performance management of applications hosted in a VMware virtualised data centre. "We can now apply performance management to live migration. as servers move in the data centre then we update elsewhere."

According to Michael Allen, Compuware's director of IT service management solutions (EMEA), "We haven't merged the two strands and are going to keep them separate but we are moving them to lock-step. There are some people who want to move to the cloud vision and some customers don't want to."

He agreed that there was a growing trend towards cloud computing and SaaS delivery. Last week, IDC released figures that showed that spending growth on SaaS was set to outstrip that of on-premise software considerably over the next four years and Allen acknowledged that Compuware would tap into that. "I can look at what percentage of transactions are being delivered by a public cloud provider – at the moment, that's 32 percent. More and more components are going to be in the public cloud," he said. "However, I think there'll be need for both delivery methods. Not everyone will want cloud, for example, government and military will continue to want their stuff be inside their data centres."

Additional features to be included with Vantage will include WAN Optimisation support, monitoring end-user experience in Riverbed and Cisco WAAS optimised WAN environments, and Java/.Net monitoring.

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