CES: Mobile web device onslaught to hit UK, says Intel

Internet access devices are set to bombard the UK, according to Intel.


Internet access devices are set to bombard the UK, according to Intel.

The Intel Atom processor has proved its mettle in netbooks, and is set to do the same in mobile internet access devices, the processor company claimed. More than 50 Intel Atom-based devices are already available, of which at least 33 are MIDs, Intel said.

Intel had a stand at the Consumer Electronics Show dedicated to mobile internet devices running its Atom low-power processor and used it to showcase a wide variety of form factors for what it terms MIDs (mobile internet access devices). While one or two of the gadgets on show were familiar to us, most were not. That, however, is because the UK has not yet been a major launch territory for the devices, Intel said.

Korea, Japan, Italy and France have already seen a number of MIDs launch, explained Intel, either because the market and demand for such gadgets was already established or because mobile operators in those countries had adopted them.

All this is set to change as a wider rollout of Intel Atom-based MIDs takes place over the coming year, with the UK targeted as one of the next countries to be offered such devices.

Such devices are handheld units that look like oversized PDAs or smartphones and are generally around the size of a portable games console. They offer anywhere internet access via 3G mobile broadband, Wi-Fi and, in some instances, WiMax. Most also have Bluetooth capabilities and have their SIM card - hence the interest from mobile phone operator.

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