BT helps businesses to survive recession

BT is offering a range of business tools to companies designed to help beat the recession including a free website review.


BT is offering a range of business tools to companies designed to help survive the recession including a free website review.

The Business Value Pack includes either free-to-use or free trials of services designed to help businesses maximise their online profiles, as well as improve staff productivity and even cut the cost of travel and energy consumption. BT claims the pack is worth £700.

Among the tools is a free website review, which will help businesses identify whether they are getting the most out of their webspace, along with three months' free web hosting, a trial of BT Web Conferencing - an audio web conferencing technology and free membership to the BT Tradespace social networking site.

The pack also benefits from BT Billing Analyst - a free software tool that allows businesses to track and analyse what they spend on communications - and BT Best, which monitors energy consumption and carbon footprint .

Bill Murphy, managing director of BT Business, said: "The BT Business Value Pack can help businesses experience for free the value of technology and we hope will inspire them to introduce smarter ways of operating to emerge stronger for the future.

"Businesses are seeing their budgets squeezed as the economy slows down. It's important to scrutinise the real cost of doing business, which is as much about how they work as how much they spend. We'd urge small businesses to take a look," said Wyn Mears, director of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants.

To sign up for the pack, visit BT's dedicated business website.

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