Bristol Water awards Wipro £10 million deal to provide IT estate

Bristol Water has awarded a 10-year contract worth over £1 million a year to Wipro to provide its IT estate.


Bristol Water has awarded a 10-year contract worth over £1 million a year to Wipro to provide its IT estate.

Wipro will be responsible for “monitoring, support, maintenance and development of the entire IT infrastructure and associated software systems”, according to an Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU) notice.

Bristol Water’s IT estate was previously provided by a joint venture between Serco and Agbar dubbed ‘Agbar Serco Technology Solutions Ltd’ via a contract set up in 2008.

Wipro provides services to a number of other UK utility companies. The firm has worked with Thames Water for well over a decade, for example via a £76 million deal for IT services such as application support and infrastructure management awarded in 2007.

Thames Water also currently partners with Wipro for its Asset and Operations Real Time Analytics (AORTA) project, which aims to create a single view of its systems’ data and improve real-time analytics.

Thames Tideway Tunnel

Thames Water is looking for an IT supplier to provide infrastructure, helpdesk and desktop services to the Thames Tideway Tunnel (TTTL).

TTTL, one of Thames Water’s spin-off companies, is responsible for a project to build a tunnel to divert rainwater and sewage away from the River Thames. Construction on the tunnel is due to start in 2016 and complete in 2023.

Thames Water said that the ‘key objectives’ of the contract are to move to a consumption-based, pay-as-you-go pricing model, to use standards-based commodity services, and shift the model of the existing technology estate from a focus on operations to focusing on services, according to a notice in the OJEU.

The utility firm also emphasised the importance of services being delivered on time and within budget, minimising downtime and major incidents and ensuring positive satisfaction from end-users and senior stakeholders.

The contract will run for three to five years, but Thames Water said the value of the deal depends on the tender proposals it receives. Interested suppliers have until 1 August to register their interest in the procurement. 

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