BEA Arch2Arch Summit: round-up

Read news and analysis from the BEA Systems Arch2Arch Summit, taking place in Nice this week.


Service oriented architecture (SOA) is the theme of this year's BEA Arch2Arch Summit.

Chief information officers and IT managers from government, media companies, manufacturers, telecommunications firms, finance companies and postal firms have gathered in Nice to attend the annual customer forum.

Here is a look at all the news from the customer event:

BEA Summit: IT directors urged to start with small targets for SOA schemes

Benefits more easily monitored in smaller projects first.

BEA Summit: T-Mobile preaches careful choice of SOA consultants

SOA projects regularly take between five and 10 years to complete and require a large commitment from the firms involved.

BEA Summit: Virtualisation makes SOA more effective

Technologies can work together, say vendors.

BEA Summit: Do not rush SOA projects

To avert failure, businesses must not rush implementing complex service oriented architecture (SOA) projects, BEA Systems warned delegates at its annual conference.

BEA Summit: Bank highlights SOA challenges

Monitoring security and governance issues is a hard task for those involved in SOA projects.

BEA Summit: Standards solve SOA problems, says HP

Service oriented architecture (SOA) project managers face complexity and the loss of direction or accountability during SOA implementations, delegates at BEA's Arch2Arch Summit were told.

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