Asus reveals netbook that morphs into tablet

Asustek showed off a few new prototype designs based on its 'wave' design effort, including a netbook that folds out into a big screen tablet PC.


Asus WavefaceAsustek showed off its new 'wave' design concept in a few devices at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES), including a concept netbook that unfolds into a tablet PC and a 47-inch LED TV.

The netbook concept is to have dual 9-inch touchscreens on a netbook, with one where a keyboard is normally located and one as the display. The device has no physical keyboard, instead using the bottom touchscreen for input.

The device can also be fully unfolded into one large tablet screen. An Asustek representative said the idea is to use OLED (organic light emitting diodes) technology for the screen and make it flexible. The design is a prototype and Asustek has no plans currently to take it to market.

Another flexible OLED screen device on display was a wristwatch that is simply a screen about 2-inches wide that wraps around your wrist with a watch on board and other interactive features.

The 47-inch LED TV sports speakers on either side that can slide in or out to save space. The three devices are made to work together. They are all prototypes.

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