Apple patents iBike

Apple has applied for a patent for a bicycle concept.


Apple has applied for a patent for a bicycle concept.

The patent application, which was published by the US Patent & Trademark Office on August 5, highlights Apple's concept for what the company is calling a 'Smart Bike'.

The bike patent application, which Apple likens to a Nike + for cyclists, details a system that would allow bike riders to log and wirelessly share information about cycling routes.

Apple's Smart Bike patent, which was originally filed for during the first quarter of 2009, would log a whole host of cycling information, with a heavy emphasis on sharing data.

This information would include cycling speed, distance travelled, time, altitude, incline, decline and more. A user's heart rate would also be collected.

According to the patent, this range of information would be collected via a connected iPod or iPhone and built in sensors. The integrated technology used to measure these cycling metrics is not known.

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