Apple offers job to iPhone jailbreak hacker Comex

Comex, aka Nicholas Allegra, the infamous iPhone jailbreaker, will be starting an internship at Apple next month.


A new intern will be starting at Apple early next month by the name of Nicholas Allegra. Allegra is better known as Comex, one of the hackers responsible for JailbreakMe, a series of tools that can be used to jailbreak iOS devices.

News of the position may strike observers as surprising, given that Apple has engaged in a protacted war with jailbreakers almost since the launch of the first iPhone. While hackers regularly break the protections built-in to Apple devices to prevent installation of unapproved software, every new operating system update adds further barriers for hackers.

Allegra revealed the news of his new role on Twitter, simply saying: "So, the week after next I will be starting an internship with Apple." Subsequently, after a largely positive reaction, he added: "Thanks for the congratulations everyone; I was expecting a more negative response :)".

Only last month a team of hackers including Allegra issued JailbreakMe 3.0, the first jailbreaking tool to break Apple's iron grip on the iPad 2.

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