Apple iPad accessories get UK prices

With the iPad finally available for pre-order, Apple has revealed the prices for the accessories that go with it.


Apple has revealed the price of accessories to go with the iPad, these are available for pre-order along with the device itself or can be purchased seperately.

The iPad case offers protection for the iPad and acts as a stand enabling you to prop up the device to watch the screen. It costs £30.

The iPad Keyboard Dock (click here for review) enables you to slot the iPad into the top of an Apple keyboard and enables typing to be more practical than when using the on-screen virtual keyboard. It costs £55.

Along with the Keyboard Dock is the more regular iPad Dock that enables you to stand up the iPad when connected to a computer or the mains, it costs £25.

Digital photographers will appreciate the iPad Camera Connection Kit enables you to attach an SD card or a digital camera directly to the iPad (via a USB cable) to transfer images from the camera to the iPad. It costs £25.

An additional Power Adaptor is also available costs £25 and ships with a longer 6-foot power cord.

iPad Accessories

One of the lesser-known accessories, the iPad Dock Conector to VGA Adaptor (mainly used for connecting the iPad to a projector to deliver presentations) also costs £25.

Finally Apple also offers a number of regular accessories, such as the Apple Wireless Keyboard (that connects via Bluetooth, £56); MobileMe membership (at what appears to be the reduced rate of £43) and AppleCare protection plan that extends the protection to two years from date of purchase (£85).

Micro-SIM cards for O2, Orange, and Vodafone are also sold separetely with the Wi-Fi + 3G iPad models and costs 20p each.

The accessories will ship along with the iPad on 28 May.

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