AMD offers five new six-core Opteron chips

AMD today added five more chips to its line of Six-Core Opteron processors.


AMD today added five more chips to its line of Six-Core Opteron processors.

The new processors offer a boost in performance with lower power consumption that current models, according to AMD.

The new additions include three Six-Core Opteron HE processor models are manufactured using a 45-nanometer process and can be used in serves with four, six or eight processors. The six-core chips consume 55 Watts of power, on average, compared to 75 Watts and 105 Watts, for other models, according to AMD.

The new low-power chips - the 2GHz Six-Core Opteron 2423 HE, 2.1GHz Six-Core Opteron 2425 HE, and 2.1GHz Six-Core Opteron 8425 HE - are priced from $455 to $1,514 (£283 to £942) each, in 1,000-unit quantities, according to AMD's most recent price list.

Lowering power consumption with the HE variants of the Six-Core Opteron allows servers based on chips to be packed more closely together inside a server, reducing the space it takes up. It also helps contain rising power costs as companies pack more servers into data centres.

The new Six-Core Opteron chips are already available in ProLiant G6 systems from Hewlett-Packard. Other vendors, including IBM and Dell, are readying servers to be released over the next month or so.

In addition to the introduction of the three Six-Core Opteron HE chips, AMD added two more chips to the lineup: the 2.8GHz Six-Core Opteron SE 8439 and 2.8GHz Six-Core Opteron SE 2439. Both chips consume 105 Watts of power, according to AMD.

They are priced at $2,649 (£1,649) and $1,019 (£634), respectively.

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