What a week: Top stories you may have missed

It has been a busy week with a series of data security lapses, the release of a new version of the ITIL project management methodology and increased focus on the environmental impact of IT.


What did you make of the data protection scandal at HBOS banking group? To send confidential customer data in the post is ridiculous. To send it on an unencrypted CD is unspeakable.

What about green IT? On World Environment Day the Financial Times stated that for UK company execs, “climate change is not a priority”. In the IT department and among IT suppliers it is though racing up the agenda.

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Editor’s highlights

Missing HBOS bank customer data was not encrypted Bank says breach of security 'unrelated' to earlier data loss

Google highlights potential of mash-ups Search giant sets out approach to app development

MPs probe government IT: what is CIO Council for? Commons committee urges strengthening of project management and monitoring

Readers’ choice

Sun pushes multi-core tools to Linux developers Server giant drives deeper into open source territory

Torex chief executive 'terminated' Bidders continue to circle the company

Royal Bank of Scotland systems crash after hardware problem Cash machines, online banking and phones services hit

Outage at Liffe futures exchange stops trading for four hours Exchange forced to invalidate deals after failure to prevent automatic market opening

Oracle piles on copyright charges to SAP complaint Enterprise software giants step up legal battle

You said it

“Internet Explorer has had a worse (security) history, but Firefox developers could learn from Microsoft's historic weaknesses and do better. I think open source will attract a bunch of sad sickoes who will take as much delight in punching holes in it as some do in taking apart Microsoft products”

From Firefox attacked as often as Internet Explorer

ITIL Upade

The launch

Industry welcomes ITIL v3

The road to v3

ITIL update – the chief architect explains

Too many 'experts' spoil the ITIL mix

ITIL helps Asian companies keep pace with growth

Toyota unit gets ITIL right second time around

ITIL shapes help-desk overhaul at JPMorgan Chase

New ITIL guidance gets more strategic

Avaya praises UK government rules

Best practice qualifications row finally settled


ITILv3 gives strategy blueprint

What ITIL v3 really means to your business

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What a week: Top stories you may have missed What a week: top stories you may have missed