What a week: Top stories you may have missed

Tesco ditches Excel to go green, government realises IT project leaders need experience, outsourcing merger boom continues. British Airways CIO says Agile saved the airline. Unpatched Vista flaw under attack. These stories and more in your ComputerworldUK.com weekly roundup.


Editor's Highlights

Tesco ditches Excel spreadsheets for carbon management software

Autodesk, eBay action could hit sales of secondhand software

Government finally realises IT project chiefs need ‘relevant experience’

Fake antivirus overwhelming scanners

VMware CTO details virtual desktop vision

Readers’ choice

Microsoft joining up Java and .NET apps

Cracking Open the SharePoint Fortress

Google ready for Wave beta

US relaxes grip on Internet: Will domain chaos follow?

Microsoft funds open source OS for multicore systems

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Arise, sir presentation architect

Why open source is not magic pixie dust, part 284

It's the database, stupid

How to Save $1 Trillion a Year with Open Source

Digging Deeper: Business briefing

Xerox bids $6.4 billion for ACS

Union slams new IBM pension scheme proposals

Gartner: Is your outsourcer safe?

Oracle fined over benchmarking claims

BA CIO: We need Lean and Agile development to beat downturn

Digging Deeper:Security spotlight

Danger: Windows Vista critical attack goes wild

BlackBerry browser security risk

Mozilla joins Microsoft attack on Google Chrome Frame

URLzone Trojan rakes in £11,000 per day

Company admits huge data loss year after hack

Digging Deeper: Virtualisation view

Amazon's cloud provisions 50,000 server instances per day

Unveiling the myths surrounding infrastructure management

Citrix targets businesses in virtual PC drive

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What a week: top stories you may have missed What a week: top stories you may have missed