What a week: Top stories you may have missed

IT salaries rising despite the recession, HP kills off the EDS brand, government says IT project leaders need experience, Linux creator says his OS is 'bloated', insurer plans £1.5 billion outsourcing, BCS gets a revamp. These stories and more in your ComputerworldUK.com weekly roundup.


Editor's Highlights

IT salaries 'on the up'

Government finally realises IT project chiefs need ‘relevant experience’

HP kills off EDS name

BCS relaunches with focus on quality of IT professionals

Four dangerous myths about data disposal, debunked

Reader's choice

Dell to buy Perot Systems for $3.9 bn

Twitter users tweet on the toilet

Torvalds: Linux kernel is 'huge and bloated'

Microsoft releases emergency security tool as attack looms

Oracle will not sell MySQL, Ellison insists

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The second wave in open source

Enterprise OS:
Linux, not the cloud, will save schools

Digging Deeper: Career moves

Enterprises still face 'significant' IT skills shortage

CBI calls for business sponsorship of IT students

Which is it, shortage of mainframe skills ... or jobs?

BCS: IT skills more important than infrastructure to UK recovery

How to change careers

Digging Deeper: Business briefing:

Cisco income falls, Cisco boss gets a pay raise

Zurich insurance in talks on £1.5 billion IT services megadeal

Perot employee charged with insider trading in Dell deal

ITIL: Half UK firms just don't get it

ERP data problems cost firms £600,000 a month

Digging Deeper: Security spotlight

Gartner: Don't let suppliers set your data loss prevention strategy

Apple breaks iPhone Exchange support

One in ten retailers don’t use anti virus software claims PCI survey

Security vs. Freedom: the oversight question

Cisco patches 12 router bugs

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What a week: Top stories you may have missed What a week: top stories you may have missed