What a week: top stories you may have missed

Are we seeing the end of the green wave? Will Microsoft's new pricing regime give you value? How much damage can a software coding error cause your organisation? It has cost credit rating agency Moody's very dear.


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Moody’s disciplines staff after £500m software code error

Can Google Apps move up market?

Microsoft announces major enterprise pricing overhaul

IT buyers 'won't pay a premium' for green products

Unstructured data is biggest threat say IT professionals

Reader's choice

Ex-Body Shop IT pro fined £85,000 for market abuse

Google gives away free Web application security scanner

Sir Bill and Sir Tim: A Tale of Two Knights

Macs are muscling into the enterprise

What Microsoft’s new pricing means for your business

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Why green matters

Defending Openness in the European Union

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Digging Deeper Management focus

Virtualisation security puts a premium on IT teamwork

The CIO and the A-Team

How do business analysts become business leaders?

Top tips for ITIL v3 success

Digging Deeper: Security

Unpatched browsers are growing menace

Hotel chain hit by keylogging malware

Microsoft IE6 zero-day bug warning

Major vendors band together to boost security response

Digging Deeper: Public sector

Northern Ireland IT disaster leads to £130m arrears

Government refuses to reveal NHS Fujitsu ‘termination’ details

DWP restructures £3bn IT services contract

Government launches public data mashup competition

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What a week: Top stories you may have missed What a week: top stories you may have missed