What a week: Top stories you may have missed

Make sure IT is the solution, not the problem, for organisations facing economic uncertainty. That was the challenge issued to IT professionals by analyst group Gartner this week as it highlighted the results of its global CIO survey.


You don't need to hire analysts to tell you that is sound advice. Let us know what prospects you think 2008 holds for jobs and projects with our poll. While IT tries to deliver business agility it still has to cope with a daily round of security breaches and updates.

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Editor's highlights

Gartner: CIOs must fight for change

Tough economic conditions require business agility

Open Enterprise interview: Fabrizio Capobianco

Mobile open source guru speaks out

Firms more likely than ever to use IT contractors

Nearly two-thirds of UK businesses relying on contractors

Microsoft: Critical flaw threatens Windows Small Business Server

Bug was deemed critical in XP and Vista so why the delay?

UK ID card roll-out 'delayed until after election'

Leaked documents reveal mass delivery will begin in 2012

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Reader's choice

Red Hat and Firefox 'more buggy' than Microsoft

Windows not that bad after all?

HP launches open source tracking tool

Created for internal governance, tool goes out on GPL 2

Dell hones blade server line

Additions to PowerEdge range aimed at small datacentres

Microsoft offers £120m for developing world IT, with strings

You must use Windows to qualify, says Microsoft executive

How will the credit crunch affect outsourcing?

National Outsourcing Association spells it out

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"I take exception to the notion that teleworkers can damage your organisation. If office workers have a problem with some of their cohorts who telework, this then is a leadership problem. It is up to the manager/leader to set the tone."

From: Teleworkers can damage your organisation

From our blogs

CIO blog: How the HMRC data debacle helped the rest of us

Green Monk: Shai Agassi, ex SAP executive, to build Israeli electric car network

Open Enterprise: Microsoft: trapped in the web of the past

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Digging deeper: Lotusphere

Domino, Lotus roadmap revealed

IBM and SAP float Atlantic

IBM Foundations targets SMEs

Microsoft: Exchange winning Notes users

Digging deeper: Open source

Mark Shuttleworth, Ubuntu founder, on the economy

Dell offers another Ubuntu Linux laptop

Eben Moglen: the future for open source

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What a week: top stories you may have missed What a week: top stories you may have missed