What a week: top stories you may have missed

High-profile IT integration challenges like ABN Amro's might make the headlines, but managing the integration IT systems after a merger or acquisition is still being overlooked by a huge number of organisations, according to new research. So if M&A is on the horizon where you are, just make sure you aren't among those getting caught out.


Closer to home, Computerworld UK has had a busy week, with the launch of both An Inefficient Truth, which spells out the findings from a major survey of UK IT users' environmental credentials, and of our new Open Source Zone.

Make sure you check out the video of the green launch on our home page - and you can also download the report.

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Editor's highlights

UK 'needs new laws' to cut IT's carbon footprint

Charity calls for rapid and profound change

Oracle's UK users want better support and licensing

But satisfaction with the software has increased, survey finds

Government: We have no central register of lost computers

Only individual departments are keeping count

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Readers' choice

HRMC breach: segregating data 'would not have been costly'

Less than £50,000 to protect privacy of 25 million

Gartner: IT organisations will waste billions on network spending

Firms will pay for technology they don't use

SAP opts for web interface to boost CRM use

Reckons Web 2.0-look will make it more popular

M&A deals still overlooking IT integration challenge-study

Half have not integrated at all three months in deal

New ABN Amro owners will set out IT plans in mid-December

What will happen to nearly £2bn of outsourcing deals?

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"A more static workforce will acquire a narrower skills base than a more mobile one, which increases the problem at the heart of the current crisis: there are insufficient numbers of workers with expertise in a number of crucial areas."

From: IT skills shortage forces employers to train staff

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CIO blog:

Security governance after HMRC

Green Monk:

The return of the CEO (Chief Electricity Officer)


Why the BBC does not get it

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Digging deeper: Green IT in the UK

IT suppliers must clarify their green messages

IT fails environmental accounting test

Round-up: Survey of green IT in the UK

White paper: An inefficient truth

Digging deeper: Skills focus

Network skills in high demand

Aviva pilots talent management platform

IT industry group shows way with planned ethics exam

IT skills shortage forces employers to train staff

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What a week: top stories you may have missed What a week: top stories you may have missed