Unilever moving HR systems into Workday cloud

Food and personal care manufacturer Unilever is due to move its human resources applications into the Workday cloud.


Food and personal care manufacturer Unilever is due to move its human resources applications into the Workday cloud.

The global company, which employs over 174,000 people in 90 countries across its 400 brands including Lipton, Knorr, Dove and Ben & Jerry’s, is rolling out Workday’s Human Capital Management platform (HCM).

“With Workday, Unilever will have an HR system that is built for the future – agile, fast, and able to provide real-time analytics into its global workforce. With this foundation, Unilever can easily adapt to business change and access insights that can help drive decision making,” said the vendor's European president, Chano Fernandez.

Dubbed a “full hire-to-retire lifecycle in one simple, easy-to-use system”, the HCM system seems to be popular among big enterprise clients judging by recent customer announcements.

Rollys-Royce and Candy Crush saga-maker also moving to Workday cloud 

Rolls-Royce and smartphone games giant King Digital Entertainment ltd, which owns popular Candy Crush Saga, recently announced it would move its HR applications to the platform.

Rolls-Royce will use HCM along with Workday Time Tracking. The car firm said this will streamline global operations, modernise talent management and allow greater visibility over its workforce.

Similarly, following a successful deployment with HCM, King Digital is now moving its financial systems to the Workday cloud to support its fast growth and evolving business needs.

Unilever needs 'cloud strategy' to keep global business centralised

Earlier this year Unilever revealed it was finally in a position to quantify the “significant” cost, time and effort reductions following a SAP ERP integration project but needed to tighten controls over PaaS across 400 brands.

Frank Brandes, Unilever’s IT director for global enterprise business integration, said during a Gartner conference: “We have cloud projects in our organisation which we are supporting, but without having a proper strategy. 

“There are API projects and products and we have to be clear about the strategy, the standards and the level of control that we need. Otherwise we will end up in a mess similar to where companies were a couple of years ago with the A2A B2B space - where we had dozens of middleware applications used in a non-standardised way.”

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