The future of the CRM market

SaaS payment will push it to the fore of CRM adoption in current market


As the macro-economic market and business conditions continue to slide, a "great deal of uncertainty about the future surrounds most enterprise software markets," notes a recent AMR Research report.

On one hand, the report, "The Customer Management Market Sizing Report, 2007-2012," details the comeback that CRM systems have made of late. AMR analysts Rob Bois, Marianne D'Aquila and Karen Carter note that the customer management software market returned to double-digit growth rates "that haven't been seen since the dot com boom."<

However, it's important to remember just how many CRM projects were painful failures for enterprises during and right after the dot com bust. Could we be seeing it all over again?

"Looking back at the last economic downturn in the 2001 to 2003 time frame, the customer management market suffered as projects were cut and vendors were acquired or went out of business," write the AMR analysts. "However, the effect on would-be buyers was even more devastating as customer satisfaction ratings plummeted for years after the economy recovered."

While the AMR analysts concede that funding for customer-enhancing systems can be tight in a slow economy, smart organisations will continue to invest in CRM systems because of the wealth of insights such systems can provide.

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