RoadChef to roll out SAP ERP system

RoadChef has put in place a new SAP enterprise resource planning system with the help of HP, enabling a clearer oversight of customers and its own business.


RoadChef is to put in place a new customised SAP enterprise resource planning system with the help of HP, enabling a clearer oversight of customers and its own business processes.

The motorway services firm, which competes with the likes of Moto and Welcome Break, operates 20 service stations throughout the UK, handling 42 million customers each year. RoadChef became a subsidiary of the Israeli energy conglomerate Delek Group following an acquisition in 1995, and employs over 2,400 people throughout the UK. The company has an annual turnover of around £200 million.   

Working with HP and Israeli/French consultant Xplore Consulting, RoadChef decided to implement the SAP ERP system across its organisation, following a similar rollout across the wider European Delek Group business.

The aim of the ERP implementation will be to coordinate business processes across RoadChef’s retail, catering, financial and operational activities. The software is expected to bring about improvements around planning, procurement, sales management, end-customer interactions and reporting processes, the company said.

The ERP will also be customised to enable additional catering and cash-handling functions, and the whole system will be localised for the UK.

RoadChef said that another of the benefits of the system will be that it will reduce the company's future reliance on external suppliers, as the company will be better placed to develop in-house accounting and information system capabilities.

“We needed to optimise efficiencies and enhance finance and IT control across the business,” says Lior Dafna, chief financial officer at RoadChef. “The implementation of SAP ERP performed by HP will improve RoadChef’s agility and responsiveness to business changes while reducing overall costs.”

Shimon Abergel, account executive at HP, added that the ERP system will enable RoadChef to gain better insight into the data gathered by its business operations.

“HP has already successfully rolled out an SAP solution for the Delek Group in Europe,” Abergel said. “Our overall expertise in implementing SAP solutions, and our experience in the world of retail and catering in particular, will help transform RoadChef into a significant enterprise using SAP solutions in a unified system capable of analysing complex data.”

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