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How to reduce costs with e-invoicing? How B2B online commerce is changing according to Forrester.


The Forrester notes that business networks play a central role in B2B online commerce according to “Vendor Landscape: B2B Business Networks, 2017 To 2018”. For example, business networks handle 82% ($9 trillion) of US B2B online channel spending. They are key components in a business technology portfolio of tools for winning, serving and retaining customers. Forrester emphasizes that business networks differ from other B2B integration mechanisms by using “many to one to many” transaction flows (for example, when multiple business buyers are connecting through a hub to multiple suppliers).

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EDI technology has been used by companies for many years, especially in industries such as retail, logistics and automotive. However, there are still many industries in which the majority of documents are in paper format. This will change, as many countries have introduced or are planning to introduce the mandatory exchange of electronic invoices in structured form for business transactions with public administration bodies. This will make many companies aware of the benefits of EDI, and the experience will persuade them to replace paper documents with their electronic counterparts.

What is important in B2B Business Networks?

The Forrester’s report assesses the performance of solutions which enable secure, convenient and reliable document exchange in the supply chain and e-invoicing processes.

In addition, Comarch noticed growing awareness among companies about the benefits of end-to-end solutions guaranteeing efficient collaboration between buyers and suppliers, facilitating the exchange of partner and product information (master data management), improving order management and goods supply chain coordination (e-procurement), and e-invoicing with supply chain financing enhanced with tools for AP/AR automation. As a result, companies employing such solutions optimize their processes, reduce costs, improve collaboration and have access to reliable data.

It is worth mentioning that Comarch EDI platform was also included in Gartner’s report, entitled “Magic Quadrant for Integration Brokerage”.

How does Comarch’s approach look like?

 “Forrester has appreciated Comarch’s comprehensive portfolio, which guarantees the optimization of various supply chain and accounting processes. Besides enabling the on-boarding of thousands of partners worldwide in a short time, Comarch guarantees the efficient and secure exchange of various document types (commercial, logistic, master data and financial), document management within the company, and access to the repository (Comarch’s solution is included in Gartner’s “Magic Quadrant for Content Services Platforms 2017”). As a result, customers gain competitive advantage thanks to prompt access to reliable data enhancing the decision-making process” – says Bartłomiej Wójtowicz, Product Manager at Comarch.

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